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GRTV News - Pemogokan penulis akan segera berakhir

The Writers Guild of America telah mencapai kesepakatan dengan raksasa produksi Hollywood.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. Today we have quite a big one to talk about because literally a few hours ago an agreement was made official and revealed to the public that the Hollywood strike is going to soon be coming to an end."

"The Hollywood executives and the Writers Guild of America have come to an agreement which means that this part of the strike is going to end. There's no mention about the actor side of it, the SAG-AFTRA side of the strike, but what we do know is that an agreement has been met between the Writers Guild of America and the Hollywood executives. So let's dive into that and talk about it a little bit."

"The Writers Strike will end soon. The Writers Guild of America has reached a tentative deal after getting most of what they wanted. So many movies and TV shows have been put on ice, delayed and even cancelled because of the two giant strikes that have brought Hollywood to its knees the last few months, and some speculated it would continue this way into 2024. Fortunately, that will seemingly not be the case. The Writers Guild of America reveals that they've reached a tentative agreement to sign a new MBA after getting most of their demands met. All that remains is for the contract to be finalised and the Guild's members to vote on it, so it sounds like the people writing our favourite movies and shows will go back to work fairly soon. It's important to remember that this doesn't mean production of all these projects will start up again because the actor strike is still very much in effect, but at least the writers can finish planning the Last of Us' second season, Amazon can release season four of The Boys, and so much more."

"So yeah, the two key things to take from that is that yes, an agreement has been met between the Writers Guild of America and the Hollywood executives and the massive production companies that make up Hollywood over there. But the other thing to take from it is that the SAG-AFTRA, which is the Screen Actors- Screen Actors Guild and something-something-something-something."

"The actors and the different people and the voice actors and all those different people that come together and actually perform in the movies that we like and we watch. There's been no agreement met for that yet. So again, the Hollywood strike is massive. It consists of two major parts, which is the writers part of the writers strike and the actors strike and half of it is now coming to a close. So yeah, as we know more about this, we're sure to keep you posted and updated. We're expecting to hear more about the Writers Guild demands and all this good stuff over the next couple of days now. But as for the SAG-AFTRA one, who knows? It could be weeks away still at this point. Maybe, as those analysts are saying originally, maybe it will stretch into 2024. But either way, we can start production or pre-production could at least start on some of the movies and TV shows and all that good stuff that has been paused for such a long period of time at this point. But yeah, let us know what you think. Otherwise, we'll be back now tomorrow for the next one of the week. So until then, hope you enjoy your Monday and we'll see you on the next episode of GRTV News. Take care, everyone."


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