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Terms of use, privacy policy, cookie policy and GDPR agreements

With your use of the website/Ipad/Emag/Iphone/Android App/Smart TV App/any platform developed by, or used by Gamereactor, you have agreed to follow the Terms of use. Any violation of the Terms of use can result in deleted postings, threads and user account without warning. This also applies to Employees, and with no exception to anyone who uses the site in any form.

These rules apply to all competitions held by Gamereactor in any way, whether specified directly or not.

Using, browsing or viewing the website is an acknowledgment of reading, understanding and agreeing to the Terms of use. If you do not agree, browse away or close your browser immediately.
Gamereactor may at any time, without notice, change content, including this page and the Terms of use. This includes all information on the website.

We may send notifications via any platform at any point. We will try to create options for turning it off where possible.

Posting on the forum or writing a blog should be done within the boundaries of the law of your country, as well as the law of the EU. This includes all regulation. Unlawful use will be reported to the authorities, and will result in a ban and termination of the user account.
Following a link to a third party website is beyond the control of Gamereactor, and following a link to such a website is at your own responsibility. Anything you write/post/upload to the site is by default owned by Gamereactor, with all and full rights, including that of distribution - otherwise user-content would not be possible. You grant full ownership and are fully responsible for having the legal rights to transfer the ownership to Gamereactor for any and all content you put on Gamereactors site, app or similar.

Viewing and linking to the website is for personal, non commercial use only. The content of, and the website as a whole, may not be used in a commercial way, altered when linked to, or in any other way used in a way that is inconsistent with its purpose, without permission. No reproduction may occur without the permission of Gamereactor in any form or at any time.
Contacting the users outside normal and personal use is strictly forbidden. No use with commercial, advertisement, statistics, information gathereing or request intent is allowed.

Any mirroring of the website on any platform or media in any form is prohibited. A lawsuit will be initialized to prevent any person from utilizing such a mirror or benefit from it, such a lawsuit will also be used to compensate for any economical damage that Gamereactor may have suffered from such a mirroring.
Access to the website may be terminated if you fail to comply with the Terms of use, especially if the Terms have been infringed for personal gain or commercial reasons.

Posting in the forum should be done without remarks that may offend minorities, any sexual or racist remark may be deleted without warning, and the user account be suspended. This includes comments of illegal nature, encouragement to do acts of violence against others, property, animals or in any other way encourage other users to begin an act that may prove harmful in any way.

Gamereactor can at any time decide to delete submissions, threads and /or user accounts in the event of a violation of the Terms of Use, or if Gamereactor finds that doing so is required to secure the rest of the forum community or in any other way finds the users submission to be harmful, illegal or beyond what is considered acceptable, including posting pictures of, or linking to adult material. Gamereactor reserves the right to delete any content for any or no reason with no warning. The same applies to user accounts and any content posted.

Feel free to criticize ideas, not people, when engaging with users and content found on the forums and in articles, and while debating is not only allowed but encouraged, moderators is at liberty to hand out warnings and even bans, should users continuously parttake in personal attacks.

Abuse, harassment or threats can result in a straight ban with no warning. Do not mention personal or private details or information related to other users unless this has been cleared with the person in question.

The Terms of Use is to be upheld by Gamereactor, as well as its team of moderators, and should either entity consider a specific submission to violate these terms, they're free to both terminate the submission, and ban the user immediately.

Should a previously banned user decide to re-enter Gamereactor using a new profile, this must be approved by the moderators, and will be decided on a case-by-case basis based on previous actions.

Any inexpedient behaviour may be moderated as needed with little or no warning.

No advertising, selling or trading of games, hardware or likewise is permitted outside the designated sales/trade forum. In case of unsolicited advertising, we reserve the right to charge a service fee for removing it.

No recruitment of any kind for any purpose is allowed.

No entry on behalf of a company or organisation can be made without prior written approval.

You may not link to Gamereactor in any way that is misleading, suggests that you are employed or in any other way have a business relationship with Gamereactor, nor in a way that alters the graphical representation of the website or alter its context.
Gamereactor takes no responsibility for technical solutions suggested on the forums or in blogs, being it soft- or hardware, neither for technical data provided by third party companies that deliver data and technical information to Gamereactor. Gamereactor will neither guarantee for the accuracy of the data provided by distributors, users, bloggers or any third party that has provided information, data or content to the website.

Blogs, postings threads and so forth speaking of, or discussing pirate software, software piracy, including, but not limited to, emulators, cracks, serial keys and key generators will be deleted without warning. In case of a user repeating this behaviour, punishment may be applied in the form of warnings or bans. Neither is talk of, depicting, or linking to any form of adult material or other explicit material. Endorsement of specific gambling or betting site is neither accepted, this also applies to pirate sites and software. Any form of ads or linking or likewise to betting, skin betting or the like will result in an immidiate ban.

Gamereactor has no responsibility for uploaded content - it is solely the responsibility of the person uploading the content. Dont upload anything you have not got the copyright for - any claims and damages will be at your own liability. You are 100% responsible for the content you upload. It is your own responsibility to make sure you are not violating or infringeing any copyrighted material. In case Gamereactor is sued or legal action is taken, you will be held responsible, and data needed to sue you will be provided to the Copyright owner under the correct legal cirsumstances such as court orders etc. Any legal claims will be a matter between you and the copyright holder.

Only one user account is allowed per person. You must be at least 13 years old to create an account, if you are under the age of 16, your parents must email a concent to [email protected] in order for your user to be valid. Usernames may be deleted or banned outright if deemed offensive, this includes Gamertags for competitions, tournaments etc. and also applies to team names. We dont accept any form of key/skin- selling / betting or the like in usernames, competition entries, gamertags, team names or anything similar.

Use of the website that is illegal according to national or EU regulation is prohibited.
You may only make your own personal information public. Publishing other peoples personal information, being other users or just another person, will result in a ban from the forum.

Material such as, but not limited to, videos, trailers and demos, both playable and non playable is the property of their respective companies. Please refer to the individual Terms of Use.

Gamereactor TV mat not be reproduced nor deeplinked in any way or form at any time without an agreement has been made with Gamereactor.

UserTV is for self-created content only, upload of any other material is strictly prohobited.

The views presented by the reviewers are each individuals own personal opinion, whether it be on the matter of a movie, video game or music.

Blogs are personal and private, they represent the view of the bloggers only, their opinion is an expression of their own personal believes, and do not represent the opinions of Gamereactor. All blogs made by Gamereactor employees are done so in a private and personal manner outside the scope of Gamereactor as a company.
Here is a short listing of acceptable and unacceptable content on the website, these rules apply to both forums and blog.
Acceptable use, language and headlines:
- a short precise headline: "Duke Nuke: cant defeat second boss"
- a precise description of your problem, and what you would like others to help you with
- use of constructive criticism "have you tried using grenades, it sure helped me a lot"
Unacceptable use:
- profanities, threats and violations of any kind, being it religious, political or ethnic
- irrelevant postings
- using the blog as a forum. A blog is a short form of message from a personal viewpoint, it is not meant for questions and discussions, that's what the forum is for.
- advertisement, surveys, and similar marketing tools are not allowed unless there is a specific and written agreement with the editor, neither is posting direct links to such, unless an agreement has been reached with the local editor.
- commenting on other peoples lifestyle, religious or political view
- linking to, or encouraging people to use or download pirated software, films, warez etc.
- having more than one user account
- linking to virus, text or programming that in any way is malicious and designed to damage the users computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other media or media device
- accusing others of undocumented illegal behaviour, or suggesting that one or more people or legal entities have committed a crime

Users accept that Gamereactor may at its discretion select blogs, comments and similar user generated content to be translated and posted on other Gamereactor sites if deemed of such a high quality that users in other countries may find it beneficial or informing.

Users will be warned, but in very severe cases, no warning will be given before postings or even user accounts are banned or deleted. In the case of very strong violations of our Terms of use, the user will be held accountable, and turned in to the police.

In short, use common sense. Don't speak to others in a way you don't wish to be spoken to yourself.

Infringing content will be removed without warning.

By creating a user on the website, the user can choose to accept that Gamereactor may send you emails from time to time, mainly with competitions and events. This includes mails from private messages, and the sending of private messages to your user in the first place.

Content of posts and blogs may not include adult content of any kind, such as, but not limited to sex, drugs, alcohol and gambling. This includes any form of visual nudity, suggested sexual implication or nudity, or likewise. Gamereactor solely decides what is and isnt adult content with no option of appeal of any kind.

Cookie and Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, and have taken steps to ensure your privacy when you visit and use our website.
The information we collect is mostly for statistical use, and includes the information that you provide when creating a user account.
This includes:
phone (optional)
age (optional)

In the case that you win a prize on our website, additional information may be needed and will be collected as well.
The address is to identify in general where our users come from, we do not send you anything or sell you home address to outside parties. The same goes for your email address, its strictly for confirming your identity. the email will also not be given or sold to any third party.

The information we share with advertisers are so called aggregated information. This means that identification of individuals is impossible, but the advertiser will come to know that X people from area Y has visited the website in a specific period of time, and Z number of them were W- gender of the age V-U.

In case we need to share or use information that can identify you in any way (mostly for sending out prizes), you will receive information about this and be given an option that lets you opt-out, which results in the information not being useable for identification, or even prohibit the use of such information.

We may at some point decide to do newsletters or use similar digital systems, everything will be fitted with an opt-out option at all times as well. By creating a user on a Gamereactor site, you also accept that your email may be used for such purposes and send you such a newsletter.

The information is stored in a way that ensures that there is both physical, data, electronic and work process procedures that will ensure that any use of the information is under strict control and that unwanted use is prevented.
Some content of our website deals with games that are rated PG13 or higher. Despite having PG ratings on all games, we strongly encourage parents to guide children under the age of 18 away from content that is not suited for them. In general, we recommend that use of our website is done under supervision of parents in the case of children under the age of 18 being the user and / or viewer.
Our Web site uses ad servers (such as Adtech) to serve the advertisements that you see on pages of our Web site. That partner uses cookies to help target ads to you.

The personal information we collect is identical to the information that the user provide to us in the user profile. Here you can also access all the personal information we have collected, and edit or delete it.
We have tied your user account to your email address as a safeguard against unauthorized use. However, to ensure account security, we recommend that you do not share you password with anyone.
in short:
- Gamereactor collects very little information about you. Besides what you write in your profile, we log how often you visit the website, and what types of links you click on. The data is collected collectively, and therefore only appears in anonymous numbers.
- We try and keep as much information as possible optional, if you don't want us to know the colour of your dog, you don't have to give up that information.
- The data we collect from your profile (gender, age etc.) can be contested by you, this is done rather easily as the information we have is identical to the information that you have written.
- The data is collected and kept within Gamereactor without any third party having access to the data or data center where it is stored. The data itself is only accessible by a small group of people.
- Opt out is easy. Remove the information from your profile.
- It is not possible to use the site without cookies in one way or another, if you cannot accept cookies, we can only offer that you read our cookie-free iPad magazine.
Any signature Gamereactor deems inappropiate shall be removed within a time limit (decided by Gamereactor). Failure to comply might result in a ban.

Users who have commercial interests in other sites, may be the subject of further restrictions or action if the behaviour is of such nature that it is deemed harmful or unwanted by a moderator.
Regarding forum threads and posts, Gamereactor may at any time and for any or no reason, edit or delete anything that is deemed harmfull, unethical or does not comply with the terms of use, or the recommendations of an admin or moderator or is in any way considered unwanted.

If you win a competition held by Gamereactor, your contact info will be forwarded to, and thus shared, with the relevant PR person/agency in order for your prize to be shipped. In case you do not receive your prize, please contact us on [email protected] so we may send you the contact information on the relevant PR person / agency. Any taxation of the prize is a matter between the winner and the local tax authority. Some countries share both first- and surname of the winner, others do not, depending on local habbits of naming winners.
Scores/leaderboard positions that cannot be verified by us, official leaderboards, the game developer etc. are deemed invalid. Screenshots are not enough, external validation done by Gamereactor staff is needed, and lack of validation by Gameractor renders the entry invalid. No appeal is possible. We do unboxing of a lot of prizes - and we can very rarely get hold of yet another identical product to send to the winner, some winners may therefore get a prize that has been unboxed for a video - but it otherwise unused. In those circumstances we have not had the option of sending a brand new product.

Private use of RSS feeds is encouraged, commercial use is only allowed via exclusive agreements, contact us for additional information.

Should there be questions or concerns about privacy policy, please call us at +4545887600 or send us an email at [email protected]

More information in opting out can be found here:

Regarding competitions and tournaments, any inquiry, request for information or likewise in regards to prizes, must be answered within 14 days (some competitions may require shorter time), otherwise the prize will be given to someone else. In case contact info is not filled out correctly, or missing, we reserve the right to pick another winner, or declare the participant "non-communicating". In all other regards, After the first initial contact or signup, all contact must be answered within 24 hours. This includes requests of permissions, name changes etc. Prizes are only shipped within the EU (With a few specific exceptions) - If you do not live in an EU country, personal payed taxes may occur, and we cannot legally reimburse you or similar. In case the competition requires you to attend a physical event or likewise - answering requests within 48 hours is mandatory, else another will be chosen/declared the winner/get to go. Employees of Gamereactor or its subsidiaries cannot participate or win in any competition or event held by Gamereactor or in direct partnership with Gamereactor. Competitions are, unless otherwise noted, only available to legal citizens and legal residents of, and living in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Not showing up for a livestreamed final means lose of any prizes.

Disconnections / crashes will be allowed 10 minutes before the player/team looses by default unless the specific tournament rules state something else. The team is allowed to continue without the player in question if they wish, but must accept the result of the match.

All prize-awarding matches must be played. If the two teams cant agree on a date and time with Gamereactor, a team demands forfeit or similar, doesnt want to play, or for some reason do not wish to play, no one recieves any prizes. Gamereactor can choose to award the victory to the team that made the most effort to play, but is not obligated to do so.

Eligibility to participate depends on the top-level domain. Unless stated otherwise, you have to be a legal national citizen, living in, and with an official address of the country in question. This means Swedes can only participate or win in competitions held at, Portugese in etc.

For team-based competitions, non-complete teams may be broken up and competitors placed on other teams if needed, this will especially happen if one person signs up as team captain, but has no additional members what so ever.

Some competitions have pan-nordic, or multiple participating countries, and some countries will be allowed to deviate due to mix-ing. This especially applies to the pan-nordic area.

If you win a ticket for movie, an event or similar, selling it on eBay, CraigsList or similar is prohibited, and outright illegal by Danish law.

Any attempt at cheating, including creating multiple users or entries will result in a perma-ban from competitions and tournaments held by Gamereactor. On a practical level, your user/competition entry will either be suspended, deleted or frozen without warning shortly before the competition starts, with no option of changing this. Any user/score that cant be veyfied is forefeit. It is your own responsibility to make sure that your score and user is valid, this includes not changing user or in-game names during the tournament etc. Rule of thumb, if Google cant find your your username, neither can Gamereactor, and you are out of the tournament. Gamereactor staff can decide to ban or nullify entire games/tournament results if a players cheating is assumed to have influence on the entire tournament. GR Staff can also decide on any lesser or more severe consequnce without warning. Cheating in any tournament with a prize worth more than 100 Euro means a perma-ban and a forefeit of any previous results, being it individual players or entire teams. Suspected cheaters have a 24 hour limit in regards to any communication from Gamereactor.

In case of livestreamed finals, competitions with set days etc. - the participants are required to ahere to the time-frame set by Gamereactor. Failure to do so will result in an automatic forfeit and thereby the match / game is lost by default. GR Staff may change rules for finals without consent within reason, and as needed.

Players manually added to the tournament, both before or after deadline, accept all terms, storage of information, being added to email lists etc. that apply to the tournament by default.

No appeals are possible, and users cant be unbanned. At least three members of staff have looked at the evidence before you are declared as a cheater, and are perma-banned.

If reasonable suspicion is raised over possible cheat, Gamereactor can choose to suspend individual players or teams for any reason, and issue any consequnce seen befitting. In case of the accused turns out innocent, any limitations, restrictions or likewise will be lifted/removed, and scores etc. will be reset to before values and status. Bans, removal etc. can be done with no warning if very clear (if you have a lap time of 0,25 seconds and the world record is 1:23.34)

Giving false name, participating with multiple accounts/names/users is a direct perma-ban. Offensive team and user-names are not allowed either, Gamereactor decides in full if a name is offensive or not. No appeal is possible, and the name must be changed right away or the team can get banned. Gamereactor reserves the right to delete all parts of multiple user profiles, including the original profile and all its content. This includes one or more profiles used for harassment, spamming or other violations of these terms.

Participants cannot change gamertag, username, or similar during a competition, from signup to conclusion, otherwise it is impossible to keep track of the participants.

These terms and conditions apply to all competitions organized by Gamereactor, whether specified or not.

We reserve the right to send orientation with status on the tournament/competition held to anyone who has participated in order to document that notice and status has been given corretly to all participants.

Gamereactor reserves the right to deviate from, or outright change the rules of the competition if an unforseen situation arises.

In some cases it might be necessary to share select participants, usually team captains, contact info such as discord, email or skype with other participants with the purpose of planning or logistics.

Gamereactor has the option of limiting the number of wins per household to 1 per calendar year, per type of competition. This is to prevent a single player from harvesting prizes meant for a broader audience.

Providing false information when signing up for a competition will result in an invalid score/result/positioning - even if you have one. You (and your team) will be removed without warning. It is not possible to win anything if your sign-up information has been wrong. This applies to all forms of required information, including nationality and age. We reserve the right for Gamereactor or any partners/sponsors to pursue legal action as well.

We reserve the right to make changes, and to retcon mistakes in competition texts, graphics, descriptions and prize information etc. as it can happen that we are provided with wrongful information or that conditions change to a degree where prizes change or the setup of the individual competition is affected.

We are working on an option for an all-out opt-out site, until then, incognito-mode browsing is the only way.

GDPR Implementation, last updated November 22nd 2018

All Data is stored for at least 10 years, or as long as is deemed necessary in case it isnt required to be deleted due to regulatory standards.

Gamereactor GDPR consent agreement v. 1.0.5 for competitions– last updated 16-05-2022

Consent for use of personal data storage, and local machine storage for registered users

Using any of Gamereactor's services, including websites, apps or participating in events or competitions and giveaways requires you to give consent to the use of cookies, storage of data on both servers and on your local machine when logged in.

By clicking “I agree” you agree to all the terms in this agreement as well as our general terms found on which includes our cookie policy etc.

The consent can be removed by request by sending an email to [email protected] at any time.
Withdrawing your consent does however mean that you can’t access any Gamereactor site as they all require cookies or a logged in user to function. We currently do not have a working model for a non-cookie based site.

What data is stored?

We store which sections you view the most and with the help of cookies we make sure that the parts of the website you use load faster. We also ask your browser to store data that are used more frequently on faster hardware in order to secure the best user experience.

We store all of the data you share on your user profile, that includes Steam and Xbox Live account names etc. and any data you choose to fill in yourself. You can always email us at [email protected] if you wish to partially delete data or specific information on your profile, but before doing so please check yourself, most data is editable by the user for ease of operation.

Please be thoughtful and never share personal data - such as phone numbers, your real name etc. - with individuals you don't know.

We store some information about your visit, including how much time you spend on the website, which pages you viewed, your IP address, and which browser or device you used.


Data required to create a profile, but can be hidden from the public:
Phone number

These information are used for sending you’re the prize in case you win – make sure they
are correct. We will store the information up to six months to have contact information in
case there is a problem with the prize delivery, the competition itself, or claims of fraud
that needs to be investigated.

We may also use the information to contact you in order to get feedback on tournaments, page-builds, and general feedback on improvement. We are always interested to hear from the users.

Optional data – This information is not automatically obtained by us, you can choose to include it on your profile page if you wish, and you can delete it at any time. Please contact us if this is causing any problems.

Phone number
Birth date
Facebook ID
Custom presentation
Favourite: Music, Book, TV Program, Movie
Likes to do
Nintendo Wii Friends code
Nintendo 3DS Friends code
Sony PlayStation Network ID
Microsoft Xbox Gamertag
Valve Steam ID

Listed additional data stored:

Google Analytics and Tag Manager cookies
Internal cookies for cookie pop-up and Facebook
Ad countdown to make sure users aren’t spammed with full page ads

For Tournaments we request the following, and store it for use when shipping prizes and during result disputes:

Skype handle

By default, we will save this information for up to six months after the closure of the tournament, to ensure that we can contact winners.

What do we do with your personal data?

We use your IP address and page movements for anonymous internal statistics and editorial optimizsation. We also look at what sort of users we have and include these anonymous numbers in our marketing material to advertisers. These are always general statistics, for example “XX% of users are male, YY% are between 25 and 35 years of age”. What you eat for breakfast, ifor whether you own a car etc. is not data we index or share in any way.
Most of your personal data is publicly available to view on your public profile page. Your real name, address, phone number, and email address areis hidden from the public, as long as you provide it only in the fields intended for this information.

With whom do we share personal data?

We store the website data, including your data, at our data-center, hosted by Nianet A/S, who also stores our backups for two2 weeks.

Our Spanish tech-division, Tech Publishing SL, has access to the website data, as they maintain the website and databases.

We also use your data for simple things, like showing your profile page on the website and, authentication.

When using the social media share buttons, your IP address and information about the page you view, areis obtained by Facebook, Google, Twitter or Reddit.

We don't sell or provide tracking data to anyone, including providers of targeted advertising.

How to withdraw consent or delete the user and user data

That is simple, you simply press the relevant according button ion your profile control panel. If thatit doesn’t work, or if you are not logged in, you can always mail [email protected]. We can also help you if you wish to only delete specific data, or if you are unable to remove or edit data in your profile that you have inputtedput in yourself.

It is not currently not possible to both have a user and at the same time not consenting to our terms regardingof user data, and this is due to the way the system works. Sorry. We might solve the problem at some point, but it is currently impossible.
Alternative: It's not currently possible to have both a user account on Gamereactor and at the same time not consent to our terms regarding user data.

If you are under the age of 16 – you cannot give consent yourself. Your parents will need to contact us in order to create an account.

Official complaints

Complaints to the relevant official authorities are to be directed to:

Danish Data Protection Agency
Borgergade 28, 5
1300 København

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions, wish for data to be edit, deleted or similar. We are also happy to help you delete or edit your user, any or all personal data you wish.

For all uses of anything Gamereactor related, you accept the transmission of data when required for Gamereactor internal streaming, meaning that using a chat or comment section on other platforms where Gamereactor is present, such as Twitch and Youtube, you accept that the content, uncluding name/username may be re-streamed and used elswhere, for instance on the Gamereactor websites.

By using any Gamreactor material, you accept the terms of use on this page. Any violation of the above, as well of breach of Copyright will be pursued. Use of any Gamereactor content without permission will be subject to a minimum fee of 5000 Euro, rising to 500.000 Euro. Multiple uses of Gamereactor material without an agreement is set at a minimum of 10.000 Euro per use/content, rising to 1.000.000 in severe cases.

If you wish to use Gamereactor content for non-commercial use, please contact us - we are reasonable and in many cases there is no charge - if you ask for permission first.

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