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Apple Magic Trackpad (Quick Look) - Anda Punya Sentuhan

Hadirkan gerakan Multi-Touch dan teknologi Force ke iMac Anda.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look. I am both on parental leave and I'm also a little bit sick and I'm also a little bit out of touch, not that I think about it, but I've actually chosen to come in here on my own volition to show you guys just a couple of things that I've been using quite a lot while I've been spending a lot of time at home. And one of the things I use almost every day to just get my fix of news, watch YouTube videos while the little one sleeps or whatever it is, I use the iMac."

"Now this is my main sort of workstation from home. I tried building PCs. I even had a Mac Studio on loan from Apple for a little while, but the machine that I've just ended up gravitating towards for my daily work and also my play, at least in terms of, you know, reading news, watching videos and dabbling in whatever is on the Apple Arcade, I've just been using this. And to me, it's actually one of the strongest products that Apple currently sells, not in terms of the benchmark results that the M1 chip in here can throw out, but just in terms of usability, meeting aesthetics, meeting simplicity. To me, it's just an absolute beaut. And that is why I picked it. And that is why I made it the centerpiece of my home office. Essentially. I love this green color. We had it on the show here initially when it launched in pink, which I actually think is quite the dazzling color as well. There's really not an ugly color. I think the gray one would be to serve yourself short because picking a distinct color like green or pink or even the warmer tones like orange and yellow really shows personality and is something that consumer electronics in general don't really allow us to do. But this actually isn't a story about the iMac, although I would urge you to go get like pick a good deal for one because I assure you, you're going to absolutely love it. And it's not even the color coordinated accessories that we get. I got these green, the green keyboard and the green Magic Trackpad. It's actually the Magic Trackpad that I wanted to talk to you guys about because I've never used the Magic Trackpad before. I've seen it being used by others who just happen to have an iMac at home. And I kind of scoffed at it at first because how could this be more ergonomically pleasing and comfortable next to say in Logitech MX Master Mouse? And it still isn't. I mean, if you use a trackpad on a big laptop like a MacBook Pro, you'll know what it feels like. But it's amazing how it is to have that synchronized movement pattern between when you use a laptop and when you're sitting or standing in front of your desktop. And it is actually quite something to use the Magic Trackpad for one, because it's slightly raised up. I don't know if this shows on camera, but there is a slight raise from the bottom where it kind of slopes down up to the point where it kind of ends. So when it sits next to your keyboards, it's one fluid piece of metal almost, even though it's two distinct pieces of technology. And that kind of both looks nice, I feel, but it also makes it more ergonomically pleasing to have your hands side by side. I'm not saying that it's directly uncomfortable to have a hand like this on your keyboard ready to type and your other hand in a completely different posture, more ergonomic posture, sitting, resting on the mouse. But this feels very nice. And I feel like the sleekness of going from writing something to controlling the mouse with my right hand is a speedier gesture overall. And I do save some milliseconds, but those add up over a work day, work week, work month, even work years. So I find that to going between the two things to be more comfortable. The second thing, obviously, is software. And this is something that comes to you straight from Mac OS in general, because obviously, Apple wants you to use the Magic Trackpad, they will also sell you the Magic Mouse, but they bundle this in because they feel like that it's an ergonomic and pleasing way to use the computer. And I do kind of agree. So there are a couple of gestures that I use."

"So for one, I use my middle finger to sort of control the mouse. But there are very quick things that I'm sure a lot of Mac users out there will know instantly. So that is a four finger scroll upwards to show or three fingers to show all the available windows that I have open currently. That means that it's much easier for me to find whatever it is that I'm looking for in a lot of desktop clutter. So for instance, if I have Photoshop open to do some touching on a couple of thumbnails that we're working on next to some emails, and the website that I'm working on Game Ractor and my notes, well, it's so easy for me to find and select what I'm looking for. Other than trying to minimize these windows in a kind of desperate attempt to find the window that I currently need to use. Now, there are other ways of organizing your desktop, obviously, but I just feel like that this is such a sleek way of doing it constantly. I use it on my MacBook Pro all the time as well. One thing that I've also found is that I actually kind of like using the notification center and it's a simple two finger swipe from the from the right side of the trackpad and then towards your left. I have my widgets out there where I on my MacBook Pro, I've actually set them up correctly. But I have weather, I've calendar, I've my recent messages, recent emails. It's a very nice sort of at a glance information, which obviously isn't as important anymore since this is actually running the beta of Sonoma. And that means that I also have my widgets out here on my desktop. I will do a separate video on Sonoma in general when it releases proper this fall. But this is just such a nice way to get at a glance information on your desktop. So I have photos, which is right here, my devices and their current charge level, my calendar, my weather. I love it. I wish that we would go back to the Windows Vista days on Windows as well, where this was more possible, at least from the onset of the software that didn't need to you to install extra programs that take up space or system resources in that particular way. But this is very sleek and I love it. I absolutely love it. I also obviously swipe from pages using left to right. So that is as simple as that. It's not specific to a Mac OS, but I just feel like it's a nice gesture on on big desktop displays. It's really nice. So it's basically I just I really, really like using the Magic Trackpad. And it's something that I can almost surprisingly recommend, even if it didn't come bundled with your Mac OS desktop. I can actually, you know, kind of recommend you splurging for something for one of these, you know, just to get it to get that sleekness of command in Mac OS. So for much more natural products, we'll have a lot more right now as we're recording this. It's in the middle of August. So for like a month from new iPhone launches. So see you then. Bye."


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