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AIVIQ Automatic Intelligent Espresso Machine (Quick Look) - Ubah Kopi Anda menjadi Pengalaman Artistik

Mesin kopi ini mampu mengubah kopi Anda menjadi pengalaman, semua dengan menggunakan fitur modern dan teknologi bawaannya.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
Our mission here at Gamereactor is essentially to show you cool products in different technological categories which one way or another improve people's lives."

"So that could be a toothbrush which tracks your performance brushing your teeth through an app or a cool tablet which also works as a smart home controller or an electric vehicle which takes you from A to B in a stylish and nice manner.
There really isn't any outer limits to how technology can improve our lives and that also means that when we get up in the morning technology can help us make a good cup of coffee which takes us to this which is AIVIQ's AEM-101S."

"It is essentially an automatic espresso maker and what that means is that there's heavy emphasis on the automatic part of that title.
So the thing is if you look at something like from Sage that is a mix between the tactility of doing something manually like you know pushing in to get the amount of grinded coffee bean that you want then inserting it into the machine and kind of you know being part of the process but that's not always what we want is it?
Sometimes we come down we're a little bit grumpy we need the day to begin in a proper manner you just want your coffee and you want it fast."

"Well that is where something like this comes in because as you can see they've hidden away all of the internal processes that happens from you press the button to the coffee gets made.
Now the pump inside is professional grade with the 19 bar that is needed in order to produce a proper amount of coffee and it takes whole beans in this compartment right here with a grinder that you yourself can set how coarse or how fine you want the coffee to be."

"What's more you just put in water in this tank here at the bottom and you're basically good to go.
That's all you do.
Then you have this HD 7 inch touch display where you can select a number of different types of coffee which I think is actually really nice."

"There is the normal espresso all the way up from Americanos to cappuccinos to flat whites.
You can use it either as a single or as a double it will create that for you and then you select it and then it just makes it.
If you compare that to say Sage well then there's a whole process of setting up what kind of cappuccino you want."

"How many seconds of coffee grind do you run inside the inside the basket before you put it in.
How much water do you want to run through and that's not again going back to that original idea that's not always what you want sometimes you just want it to make the coffee."

"So the point is that this pump right here is adjustable meaning that all of your regular coffee cups will fit because it is so versatile and it is actually even smarter than that because this little tube here is not just for show.
This is to draw in milk."

"So the point is that you take out the tube from its little holder right here and then you insert it into say a cup or a kind of a reservoir where you hold the milk in any given moment.
It could even be in the milk carton itself if that's what you want and you don't want to unnecessarily clog something up or use cups or whatever it is that you then have to put directly in the washer."

"No you insert this into say a carton of milk and then it will automatically draw out the milk that it need heat it up and steam it inside this unit right here.
That is actually a really cool idea because you just reinsert it right here and then as soon as you've done that you can select it on the screen that now you want to clean the milk tube and then it will run really hot boiling water through the tube and then it's clean."

"That means that there's less cleanup in general that there would be on say a Sage coffee maker but it also just means that it's a really one-stop shop for everything that you need to do.
So I will be testing this out over the next couple of weeks to see whether or not that automatic approach robs you of some personality in the way that you get your coffee or whether it's just nice in those early mornings to just press a button and see it make coffee that you know that you want."

"So this is the AEM 101S and it is currently on sale from Ivic themselves for 6,000 Danish Kroner.
That is a lot cheaper than a lot of other sort of espresso makers on the market.
You can get them for 10,000 if that's what you wanted like something along the lines of double what Ivic is asking for this."

"Whether or not it is as good, only time will tell.
Thank you so much for watching."


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