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    • Sciallsolle1959
    • Ditulis oleh Sciallsolle1959 dipublikasikan pada 09-12-2022 pukul 10
    • Challenge Audi Q5 DS will push a new flagship SUV in 2024

    • Recently, according to overseas media, DS will launch only pure electric models from 2024, and plans to launch a new flagship SUV and DS 4 pure electric version at the end of 2024. The new SUV will be positioned higher than the DS 7 and will compete with the Audi Q5(ราคา Audi 2023).
    • Sciallsolle1959
    • Ditulis oleh Sciallsolle1959 dipublikasikan pada 09-12-2022 pukul 09
    • Huracan Coupe: Features for Car Lovers should Know

    • The Huracan Coupe not only inherits the classic style of Lamborghini Mobil's most successful car, the Gallardo but also opens up a new era in the world of supercars. In the Lamborghini tradition, the Huracan is named after a 19th-century fighting bull of Spanish Conte de la Patilla blood, known for its extraordinary courage and powerful attacks, and which has always maintained its indomitable character, just as the Huracan Coupe is fascinating.
    • Sciallsolle1959
    • Ditulis oleh Sciallsolle1959 dipublikasikan pada 08-12-2022 pukul 09
    • BYD, Wuling, Chery have laid out pure electric hardcore SUV

    • Traditional car companies scrambling to enter the electrification market have long been nothing new. And in fact, when the real depth of the new energy vehicle market to know, the original new energy vehicle market is also so inside the volume, whether it is pure electric small cars, or high-end models have a variety of models to compete.
    • Sciallsolle1959
    • Ditulis oleh Sciallsolle1959 dipublikasikan pada 07-12-2022 pukul 09
    • New car photos: The third generation Isuzu D-Max makes its public debut at

    • The third-generation Isuzu D-Max(ราคา Isuzu) made its world debut in Thailand in October this year. Nearly two months after its introduction, the fuel-efficient and practical Pick-up cargo truck now made its public debut at the just-passed Thailand Motor Show. The new generation of D-Max now has a new fashionable design on the exterior and a new set of chassis.
    • Sciallsolle1959
    • Ditulis oleh Sciallsolle1959 dipublikasikan pada 07-12-2022 pukul 08
    • 2023 Volvo XC60 arrives at the store with the same appearance

    • Recently, we have taken pictures of the 2023 Volvo XC60 from the dealership. The new car as the annual facelift model, the appearance of the change is not much, but in the configuration and other aspects into some enhancements, the new car will be listed in the near future as one of the heated Volvo Mobil 2023 for the car lovers.
    • Angelo998
    • Ditulis oleh Angelo998 dipublikasikan pada 06-12-2022 pukul 16
    • Take A Quick Look At Maruti Suzuki Cars At Auto Expo 2023

    • Autofun Philippines - Here are the cars, SUVs, minivans, hatchbacks and hatchbacks you'll likely see from Maruti Suzuki at Auto Expo 2023. For each vehicle, we've also included our confidence level to indicate capabilities. we think we'll see a particular car at Auto Expo 2023. Let's start with the cars most likely to show up at the auto show.


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