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Rocket League

USL teams come together for Rocket League tournament

Some of the top soccer teams from the US will compete in the inaugural USL eCup: Rocket League Edition.

32 teams from across the USL Championship and League One are coming together for an online tournament, but instead of football they'll be getting behind the wheel of a car in Rocket League.

The USL eCup: Rocket League Edition will see 32 professional teams compete in a month-long event. Eight groups of four teams will compete in one-on-ones, with the team captain competing in the first round of best-of-three matches (although each team has two more players that can rotate in over the course of the tournament). The group stage due to run from Tuesday, March 31 until Friday, April 10.

The top two from each group will then head into the best-of-five knockouts (last 16, quarters, and semis), from Monday, April 13, and Saturday, April 25. The final will be a best-of-seven, and all matches will be streamed on Twitch.

Rocket League

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